Monday, May 1, 2017

Raffle Update

Worthy District Deputies and Grand Knights,
The annual state convention is less than 3 weeks away.  This is the time to really energize your council(s) to sell charity raffle tickets.  Many councils that are historically successful with this project sell more than 50% of their total in the final 2 - 3 weeks.  Now is the time to push, not to close down.  Please ask your brother knights to get at least two or more books of tickets sold before the deadline. With several thousand Knights in the state, this would make a huge difference for the local and state charities. 
If each brother Knight could sell at least one additional book of tickets at $20 per book, it could generate more than $260,000 extra for the project...half of that total comes back to the council for its charities while the remainder funds the council incentive plan, cost of tickets and prizes (about 10%).  The balance helps to cover the charities that depend upon our state organization to assist them...St. Joseph Youth Camp, St. Vincent de Paul, Right to Life, First Wave,  Rosary Sunday, Men's Conference and numerous programs/projects for our Bishops (Olmsted, Kicanas, Wall and Nevares).
Sell the charity not the prizes!  We are a charitable organization and we do this project for our charities, not for the money.
Vivat Jesus,
Dennis P. Sullivan                                                                     Sean Halpain
AZ State Charity Raffle Chairman                                         State Deputy  
District Deputy #26                                                                  Arizona Knights of Columbus