Monday, May 2, 2016

Volunteer opportunity - Heritage project information

Sent: Monday, May 2, 2016 6:10 AM

Subject: [Corpus Christi 10062 Mail] Volunteer opportunity - Heritage project information

Please contact Pete Cavallero at for more info.
Volunteers Needed for 2016 Veterans Heritage Project Reception and Book Signing May 15th
Where: Shadow Mountain High School – Performing Arts Center (32nd Street & Shea Blvd. Phoenix) 
We will honor all veterans appearing in the 2016 Since You Asked Volume XII, and returning vets from Amex:
Volume IX: Gary R Burr
Volume X: John W Clifford; Cynthia A Brown; Jason C Ohanian; Bruce G Olsen
Volume XI: Joseph C Racanelli; John D McCreary; Gail L Chapman; Dave W Janecke 
Time: Need morning volunteers (10am-1pm or whenever you can come) The Ceremony will be at 1pm-2pm, with Reception/Book Signing at 2pm-4pm.
Attire: VET Network shirts 
This is an amazing event, but it doesn't happen without lots of volunteers.
Most of the help we need is in the morning of the 15th, and except for the Photo/Video/Sound folks, you will get to see and participate in the entire event. 
Please let me know which of these functions you would like to do:
Book Sales (hopefully the Tofts will return)
Parking Lot (put up metal event signs)
Refreshments Setup
Book Sales Setup
General Setup
Sound & Presentation (John McAllister)
Amex VET Banner & Tablecloth (Rocky?)
Amex Veteran Hire Advocate (Gail?)
Somebody to wake up the piper, Pops McGee when it is time for him to play (<- not kidding) 
Also, we encourage folks to bring in military artifacts that you would like to be displayed (no weapons because this is on a school campus).
Please make sure they are marked with your name and contact info.