Thursday, December 31, 2015

Major Fundraising Opportunity - National College Football Championship

Sent: Wednesday, December 30, 2015 7:27 PM

Subject: [Corpus Christi 10062 Mail] Major Fundraising Opportunity - National College Football Championship

We have a great opportunity to make Thousands of dollars for the council just by driving team members/VIP's from the winning team of the Orange Bowl (Michigan State University or Alabama) that will be playing in the college national football championship. Our ability to make money depends on the amount of council participation that commit to be drivers. The drivers DO NOT have to be Knights or even family members, so please feel free to forward the instructions below to anyone that may want to become involved with this great event and help our council. The vehicles you will be driving will be located at the Westin Kierland resort. Please read the information from Stephanie Jarvis below for additional information. I am sure that if more than 20 drivers per sign up for a shift you will not be turned away. Besides Snacks, Beverages, Lunch and Dinner they will also provide a shirt to each person that signs up. 
Instructions for signing up:
After launching the above shortcut - click on Visit our online volunteer center a new window will open,
click on "Fill out an Application" in which another window will open
This window is labeled "VOLUNTEER AGREEMENT, RELEASE, AND WAIVER" please read this document but you will not be able to fill in your name within the document ( At the bottom of the page you will see - By selecting I agree and clicking "OK" ).
A Volunteer profile will appear where all information that has a * next to boxes requires information that you must input.
When you get to the group information please answer Yes which will then open other boxes, Only fill out the Group Name of KOC Cotton Bowl – 10062 as no other information is required in that section.
You are now ready to SUBMIT APPLICATION
To sign up for shifts you just need to email Stephanie @ and let her know what shift(s) you would like.
To show our commitment for this event please sign up by Saturday 1/2/16 to give Stephanie the most amount of time to find additional drivers if we are not able to fill the shifts (This is not a hard deadline but will minimize the stress for the event Senior Vice President).
If you have any issues with or just want help to sign up please call me @ 602-579-7500.
Thank you for your support,

Subject: Re: Drivers for National Championship??
Importance: High
Hi Dave,
We are operating a courtesy pool program for the team and the Special Guests.  Those guests will be able to request rides to various locations throughout the Valley.  We are requesting help at the Westin Kierland and we will have what I refer to as an "air-traffic control" person at the hotel.  We would stage up to 15-20 drivers per shift at the hotel and the air traffic control person will field the requests from the team and tell the drivers when and where they are picking someone up or dropping them off.  We have the cars on loan from a local dealer- we just need the drivers!!!  That is where I am hoping you guys can come in.    I would put you all at the Westin Kierland, which is the Cotton Bowl team hotel.  The shifts are as follow and your people can work as many as possible but there is no minimum required.  I can use all the help I can get though.  We will have snacks and beverages in the hotel meeting room and will order in food at lunch and dinner and there will likely be a TV in the room but we recommend that they bring reading material as well as I think there will be downtime in between pickups.
Here are the shifts we are looking to fill.  
Friday, January 8 6PM-midnight
Saturday, January 9 7AM-noon
Saturday, January 9 Noon-6PM
Saturday, January 9 6PM-midnight
Sunday, January 10 7AM-noon
Sunday, January 10 Noon-6PM
Sunday, January 10 6PM-midnight
Monday, January 11 7AM-11:30AM
Monday, January 11 11:30AM-4PM
Monday, January 11 9PM-midnight
Let me know if you want to jump on a call to talk further.
Thank so much!
Stephanie Jarvis
Sr. Vice President & Chief Operating Officer
Arizona Organizing Committee