Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Dues for Knights


Hope each one of you and your family had a very Merry Christmas Season!  By now you should have received your annual dues ($35) for 2016.  Special Thanks to all of you who have already mailed back their checks . . .  I really appreciate those who took the time to update their personal information and purchased "Rolling in the Dough" raffle tickets.  If you plan to attend this Thursday's meeting at 7pm in rooms 5-6 I will have your new membership cards available – along with raffle tickets you may have purchased; if you cannot attend I will mail out your card next week.

If by chance you did not receive your bill kindly fill in the attached doc and mail back to me with your dues (and raffle ticket order)

Bill Drummey
1214 E. Desert Broom Way
Phoenix, AZ  85048

Vivat Jesus!
Healthy & Prosperous 2016!

P.S. Unfortunately we know there may be several members who are currently struggling financially.  We do not want to lose a Brother for financial reasons and we will gladly waive their dues.  You can either send me a letter to my address above or shot me an email.  This information is held in strict confidence as I am the only person who knows . . . which will probably last only a day or two as I am renowned for forgetting names