Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Help for Father Chad

Wednesday, September 17, 2014


I little while back when we met with Father Chad, in our conversation he asked the Knights for some help, some of those requests have already been conveyed however one request was for support of projects around the campus of Corpus Christi.

Specifically the church in need of repairs such as HVAC units (A/C), church sound system,  bathroom repair, Parish hall ; carpet, lighting, kitchen etc... Father Chad was not necessarily looking for cash donations, although always welcome, but help in the form of trades or connection to trades.

So Brothers, if you are the in trades field or have connections in such and feel they may be helpful in completing one or more of the aforementioned projects or would like to have more details, please contact either Steve or Carol, listed below and mention this email.

Vivat Jesus!

Doug McCarty
Grand Knight, Council 10062

Steve Mandarino
Parish Manager
480-893-8770 x216

Carol Pavlak
Office Manager
480-893-8770 x213