Monday, June 9, 2014

A few things...


1)      Congratulations to our three new 2nd/3rd Degree Brother Knights who attended Sunday's exemplification ceremony: Bob Pinteric, Wayne Peterson and Brian Wilkins.
2)      Reminder that ALL 3rd degree Knights can experience the 4th Degree exemplification ceremony on Sunday June 14th here in Phoenix.  If you wish to experience the best degree in the organization, you must be signed up by Tuesday, June 10th so get in touch with me on Monday as we can try to pull this together for you.  Remember that the 4th degree is the Patriotic degree and the Visible Arm of the Knights (if they choose to get the regalia) which is not a requirement.
3)  Congratulations to your new officer team for the 2014-2015 fraternal year:
Grand Knight - Doug McCarty
Deputy GK - Dave Rak-Kinonen
Chancellor - Chris Rausch
Advocate - John Gavin
Recorder – Brian Wilkin
Treasurer - Nick Lozzi
Warden - Bob LaCroix
Inside Guard - Pete Cavallero
Outside Guard – Pete McCarty
Trustee 1st year Gary Ryan
Trustee 2nd year Antonio Rivas
Trustee 3rd year Dennis Sullivan
Financial Secretary – Bill Drummey
Lecturer – Pete Hoffman
Chaplain – TBD – Doug to talk to Fr. Chad to see what his recommendations are.
4)      My last meeting as the Grand Knight was held on Thursday, June 5th.  At the close of the meeting I shared some thoughts about my experience and I am pasting them here for those unable to attend the meeting…not that my words were so memorable, but I have been asked by a few brothers who had not been able to attend the meeting…so here it is:
     "I have pondered what I would say tonight and oddly I found it difficult. Being GK of this council is much more than a title. It is a lot of work, indeed, but that challenge evolves into a labor of love.  You have honored me for the past 2 years by allowing me to be the GK of this incredible council. When I was first installed as GK, my goal was that I leave this council in as good a condition as when PGK Tom Kato passed the opportunity on to me. I believe this goal was achieved, and I hope you think so as well.  I can tell you that the weight of this challenge hits you pretty quickly as you realize that you are now the GK, but seeing this council pull together and accomplish so much year after year is an awesome experience. It is both exhilarating yet humbling to see this from the perspective of the GK.  At times, I wanted to shoot somebody, but mostly I wanted to show appreciation to most everybody. It really is hard to put my feelings into words. A simple Thank You seems so understated and inadequate, but I can't come up with anything else to say but Thank You for your support, your fraternity (incl. the humor, sarcasm and insults), your hard work, your prayers and for what I will always consider the honor of a lifetime. Now the time has come for me to pass this honor and responsibility to your newly elected Worthy GK Doug McCarty.  It is time for us all to offer him and the other newly elected officers our support. So, Thank You and may God continue to bless this council and all its charity works. And now it is time for me to do my happy dance!!!"
Vivat Jesus,
Dennis Sullivan
Grand Knight, Council 10062
Corpus Christi Catholic Church
Ph: 480-201-5556