Tuesday, January 21, 2014

KofC Council 10062


We are in the second half of the fraternal year and as expected we have a full calendar, please consider volunteering for one or more of the activities.  Some of activities take very little time while others are more involved, nevertheless we can use your help! 

Individual Activity Chairman, please plan your resources carefully and allocate appropriately.  If you have a set amount of resources (volunteers) needed, then convey that limit and expectations when asking help, if on the hand "more the merrier" is your need then utilize the volunteers who show up.  Nothing is worst than a volunteer who signs up, makes time out of their busy schedule to help out, only to show up and be told their not needed.

Another request is to mix up your task assignments, cross train in order to avoid "specialist".  We have found out painfully that we tend to rely on "go to people" or "knowledge keepers" only to have them move on or are unable to attend an event where that talent is needed.  Try people out at new tasks, or have mentors or mix the "line-up" so that every gets a chance at certain tasks.

Thank you for all your time and help, even if you are unable to help out at an event, just showing up for is much appreciated!

Vivat Jesus!

Doug McCarty
Deputy Grand Knight and Activities Chairman