Thursday, November 21, 2013

2nd and 3rd Degree this Saturday

Brother Knights, 

This weekend, our council will be hosting a 2nd and 3rd Degree. 

We will need some help!!!
You will have had to received the honor of the 3rd Degree to help.

Setup – Around 8:00 AM for about 30 minutes we will need 5-8 people to help set up the parish center and rooms 5&6.

Registration help – Helping out at the registration desk. Richard and Nick will run this part, we need 3 more people.

Degree help – We need 3-4 people from 8:30AM – 1:00PM (Lunch will be provided!)

Serving help – We need 3 people at 11:30AM to help in the kitchen with an additional 5 starting around noon.

Clean up – As many as we can starting around 1:30 going til it's done.


Also, a final plea for 1st Degree members: This is your chance to advance in the best council in the state! Learn about the next 2 degrees: Unity and Fraternity. All this and the cost to you is your time this Saturday to participate in the degree! Lunch will be included with the degree!!!! Registration begins at 9:00. 

 Please send me an email if you can help.

Vivat Jesus!



From: Doug McCarty <>
Date: Wednesday, November 20, 2013 at 9:08 PM
To: Tom Kato <>
Subject: RE: Man in charge




Yes, I am taking care of the beverages for both the Memorial Mass and the Degree,  however when I brought the subject up in regards to beer, Dennis said we would have to give it away albeit we could have a donation jar,  nevertheless because of the tight restriction on what we can charge and probably only breakeven he did not want to incur more expense.


I am going to pickup soda and h2o.


I am going to send out a volunteer request email, I know some have already i.e. Nick, Richard, you, etc… however do you need help  in your area specifically?






From: Tom Kato []
Sent: Wednesday, November 20, 2013 8:48 PM
To: Doug McCarty
Subject: Man in charge



Were you taking care of beverages for this weekend for the degree?


Was just thinking: should we reconsider beer?


Just a thought.